Kuali Coeus Award Module Implementation Sept. 29

The VPR is committed to strategic investing in streamlining key infrastructural needs including sponsored research activities.  As part of our focused intent, we recently recommitted to achieving key objective in Kuali Coeus designed to bring efficiencies to this key function.  Sponsored Programs and Research Services will implement the Kuali Coeus (KC) Award module on Sept. 29 which is the first phase implementing the of KC research management system. The award module is the first of several KC modules to be completed on campus use. The Vice President for Research has chosen to recommit to KC goals to streamline research services and sponsored programs.

The module will be used solely by the Sponsored Programs office and will not affect the general campus, with the exception of some new reporting features.

The KC Award module will replace the legacy PAIS system and will be used to setup new awards, create accounts in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), update existing awards and provide the data needed for CSU to report on active research projects.   All active data from PAIS will be migrated into KC Award. 

The Research Services group does not anticipate any major interruption to the normal award process after implementing KC. As with any new software technology, minor glitches are expected as the Research Services group works the kinks out of the new program. There is a team of technical support staff ready to respond as needed.

Researchers and Administrators across campus will continue to have uninterrupted access to Research Project Status portal and KFS for their day to day management.

The Research Project Status (RPS) reports will remain a primary source of information on individual awards and this portal has been updated to reflect the research data now available in KC. Other KC data that is needed for reporting to campus will be available through the Operational Data Store (ODS) and is scheduled for nightly updates consistent with the Kuali Financial System update process and will be updated each night.

After KC Award is launched, work will commence on releasing other Kuali Coeus modules. KC, project manager, Dave Hoffman is working with key campus stakeholders to identify and schedule upcoming modules.

These modules include: Proposal Development, System to System submissions to the Federal Government (S2S), Conflict Of Interest (COI), Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Subawards, Negotiations and a mobile application for reviewing your action list on mobile devices.

Best, Alan


Fall Forward: A Message from Alan Rudolph

The beginning of the academic year finds me writing on the first day of Autumn, a season defined by so many changes in color, feel, smell and for me at the end of nearly one year at CSU, a season of opportunity. My first year was an immersive time of listening in a variety of forums to incite dialogue around key challenges and opportunities that face our research enterprise. I have been so impressed with the excellence encountered and the vibrancy of the passion and ideas our faculty and staff have in their research endeavors. I look forward to continuing to wade into the departments, faculty offices and labs, and facilities in the coming year to meet many of you I have yet to encounter, hear about opportunities to serve the research community from our office and continue to get the word in and out about research at CSU.

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Curious what the VP for Research INSTAR initiative is?

The Office of the Vice President for Research has created three initiatives to enhance research excellence at Colorado State University. These initiatives are focused on people, products and process. Last week we wrote a blog about the HARP initiative created to stimulate diverse funding opportunities. But, what is INSTAR and what is its purpose?

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A crash course in the VP for Research HARP initiative


The harp is the oldest musical instrument in human evolution.

The Office of the Vice President for Research has created 3 initiatives to enhance research excellence at Colorado State University. These initiatives are focused on funding, infrastructure and people. The HARP initiative was created to stimulate diverse funding opportunities. But, why is it called HARP and what does HARP do?

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